March 5, 2011

Silver Efex Pro 2

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I’m getting used to it now, slowly but surely, still haven’t overcome the sharpening problem though, I get it all done and export it into Photoshop only for it to show up much more sharp and consequently a bit nosier, I think over time I will just have to know what to expect rather than “fix” it.  Either way i’m very impressed, it’s breathed new life into my post processing work flow.  I’m still on the trial and have another 10 days, I haven’t tried any of their other products although a few videos on YouTube show them to be quite useful.  So, to spend $600 or not to spend $600, unfortunately i’m not sure it’s up to me, i’ve tasted the sweet nectar that makes Silver Efex what it is and I don’t know if  I can go back, I love Black and White photography and this is the product to use to get what I want out of it… I think, for now.

Ok i’ll wait out the free demo time and see how I feel..  I was especially lucky in that I only trialled Silver Efex 1 about three weeks ago, with a free 2 week license, now I have another 2 week license with the advent of the second edition, and lucky me (lucky them?) it runs out right after my next pay check.

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