March 10, 2011

The Taximan

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The TaximanA couple months ago I stopped by my local Subway for a pizza foot long on honey-oat, there just so happens to be a taxi cleaning/refuelling “station” a few doors down, here in Australia Taxi’s operate in a different way to NZ.  Here the owner of the whole business owns the actual cars themselves too and rents them to their staff for a (sizeable) fee everyday,  then depending on the agreement the employee earns commission on each dollar they charge in fare.  In NZ generally it’s run like an individual business under a franchise with each person owning the car themselves and paying for the right to use the company name, and from the many conversations with taxi drivers in both countries, NZ drivers are charged far less and are more open to run things how they see fit, they can work an hour here or there as they see fit,  whereas the Australians have to work a number of hours before they actually start turning a profit past their daily fee of just using the car in the first place, they pay for the petrol also.

Ramble, anyway, this guys enjoying the break while his car gets serviced, most drivers are foreign, taking jobs they can get rather than what they are necessarily qualified for, the number of doctors I’ve spoken to driving taxi’s really blows you away.



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