March 23, 2011

Package arrived

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So the package arrived, but funny thing is that that i’ll have to wait to get access to silver efex 2, because this was a slightly cheaper deal where they were selling the old full collection, the only thing that has changed is the new Silver Efex and there’s a free upgrade included but I have to wait for them to email me the code.  So I played around with everything else.  Wow.  You can do a lot, it’s going to take me a long time to get fully competent with what I want to do rather than just going through fads as I discover new things.

Well I worked on one photo, I choose it because I like something about it but there’s no way I could do anything in photoshop myself to make it look good, so it’s on the border a bit.  Generally I like a human element to a photo but not always, actually in other peoples work usually, for me the human element is like an easy way of bringing something interesting to the photo.  I haven’t been posting many interesting photo’s for a while, I haven’t been shooting for a while because I have so much stuff backed up that i haven’t had the time to go through.  Anyway, this is what I came out with, bear in mind i’ve never used any of the other products before, also you have not seen the before, maybe i’ll post that too, well not now.  It should also be noted i’m not religious at all.

The Powerful Cross


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