March 25, 2011


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I’m having a lot of fun with the NIK software, I really can’t believe the options available to me now.  What i’ve noticed is that I switch between the products a lot, it’s not a one stop shop in each one, it’s going back and forth, and Color Efex (American product so American spelling) gets a lot of use since you can’t compound the filters in the program, you have to work each one out, apply it, jump back into Photoshop, jump back into Color Efex and so on and so on.  It takes quite a while but i’m still just hovering over things to see what they do, I imagine it will speed up.  Still haven’t got my Silver Efex 2 password but i’m loving the options with the colour photo’s right now.

So I took another borderline photo and had some fun with it, I like the result, i’m not sure what other people will think because sometimes I like odd looking stuff, almost a mix of photography and graphic design.  I also used a photo i’ve been meaning to do something with for quite some time, i’m very happy with the result although i’ll no doubt continue tweaking it (George St) I think the WB is set a little wrong actually, that’s what happens when you spend 2 hours processing something, your eyes trick you, I did a cross processed looking version that looks great (and doesn’t need WB correcting obviously).

George St 2010



Just for fun:

Zombie Night


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