March 29, 2011


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Still haven’t got the code for silver efex 2, i’ve sent them an email now.  I’ve been toying here and there and all over the place with the new set of features, and I can see that  Ihave a new fad, something that I haven’t worked out properly as yet, I don’t know what direction i’ll go with it all, I know i’m over doing it to an extreme right now but i’m having fun and will slowly progress.  HDR.  It’s like the ugly step child in the photographic world, why i’m not always so sure, some people go way over the top with the saturation which I never understood, and the ugly halos it produces can look horrific but strangely i’ve liked one side of it that I know a lot of people hate.  That’s turning pictures into drawings.  I never had much of a clue how to do this, Photoshop’s HDR system never got me the results I wanted so I left it alone.  Well with NIK’s plug in it’s quite simple and i’m slowly getting the hang of it.  At first I found it very useful in black and white photo’s (which kind of hides it a bit) and then done very subtly but now i’ve gone and done it.  Taken a photo and gone the whole way, turned it from something real into something completely fake, and I really like it.  I did it originally because some of the highlights in the shot were blown completely out, I couldn’t get them back and it ruined what I thought was a nice shot (mainly due to the glowing light you can still kind of make out).

York st

I also did this one, I spent about an hour going over different black and white versions, doing this and that, trying to make it look a certain way, multiple versions her and there of slight changes.  And then I went in and did this colour version in about 10 minutes which I look on now as definitely the best version.  This was done before the above, also note the blown out highlights which prompted me to trial HDR to the extreme in the first place.  I did wait though for the shadow to be on the man running so it wouldn’t be blown out (also that his leg be half in the air like that), i’m glad because less of him is blown out, but the composition would have been better had I taken it about 1 second earlier I think.

The Challenge


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