April 4, 2011

Girl In The City

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Girl In The City

A break from all this cartoon stuff.  I like it but if I dive in too far i’ll end up hating it, I already look at my last post with disdain.  I went over it again today and changed everything and realised i’m probably never going to be happy with it.  So something else, a picture I took many months ago while walking home, by total accident, I was testing the settings I had, which as you can see was on an Art Filter “Grainy Black and White” which I love, it’s a great to have some of the filters on my E-P2  for when you get bored or are lacking in creativity, gives you new eyes.  I use this filter fairly often, not many others, but it’s good not to have to do any PP what so ever occasionally.   This is taken coming down George St, right at the start of the city, she is walking north towards the harbour bridge, i’m walking home to my (old) place in Alexandria, I like it because of her outline in the bright section of the photo, it’s unmistakeably a female yet you can hardly see anything about her and that intrigues me.  Also at the same time I love how the light from the street lamp hits the wall and ground, I think that’s what I like the most about the grainy black and white setting is the way it renders light, the objects just float into existence almost and provide some foreground and context, I added the border in Silver Efex 2.


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