April 4, 2011

Some strange rules..

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I’ve been off to the Hunter Valley sampling wines and shooting amazing gardens, i’m sure i’ll get to those shots in about 6 months.  For now i’m stuck on this weird HDR look, the drawing look.  A problem i’ve found is that photo’s of anything fairly close up (within 8 metres say) have a hard time converting into it, it’s still possible but it’s hard.  I have a photo I personally like of a man buying something from a convenience kiosk with his wallet just out at the right time but i’ve tried to process it multiple times over the last 6 months and failed each time, I can never give it an appropriate atmosphere.  So I was excited to try this HDR look, all was looking good in the preview box of NIK’s HRD pro but upon actually applying the filter it changed  to having half the photo look painterly, but the rest just looking kind of normal, again foiled by this photo.

So I thought, maybe photo’s of people further away look much better, and after going through a few it seems that way.. i’m not sure exactly why but for now it’s a rule i’m going to have to follow.

Bathurst St

I spent a long time doing a nice BW version of this, changing the lighting significantly and a few things, but I thought the colour version was still great, I think most people probably prefer colour too, if I have the time (which I probably won’t) i’ll go back and “correct” the lighting in this photo a bit better, although that being said I typically have about 40 u-points in any of the NIK filters, that is 40 specific points on the photo that i’m controlling above the universal preferences (contrast, saturation and the like), however after that I usually still go over the whole thing again if not twice more.  This only had the one set of 40.  I’m also finding each photo benefits from unique HDR settings, I can’t just hit a switch, I have to tweak constantly, this photo has the tonal compression at -100%, in stark contrast (excuse the pun) last post had it at +100%, complete opposite end of the scale.

EDIT: I have edited this photo again from the original that was posted… everyday I learn something.


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