April 11, 2011

Enter Newtown..

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Editing photos is such a bitter sweet exercise, it can take an hour before something starts emerging, before that I often don’t know if i’ll ever be satisfied in the slightest by the whole thing, often I just can it after hours, or save it and never look at it again.  Sometimes it’s surprising shots that I experiment with that turn out great, often it’s what I thought would be great turns out terribly.  And really, I have tens of thousands worth of photo’s, and I can’t devote hours to each of the photo’s I like.  I guess that’s alright, but it’s bad when i’m in the moment of taking a photo and in the back of my mind thinking “yeah, it’s gonna be months before any of this comes out and when it does it’s going to be 1 or 2 of all these shots i’m taking”, nevertheless I enjoy the act of taking photo’s a lot.  When I end up happy with one after going through all the processing i’m very pleased,  I think i’m lucky in that I truly feel I only have one person I must please.  I think being a photographer as a job must at times be quite stressful when other peoples opinions start to really matter.

This photo I was close to throwing away, when I took it I had full manual focus active and had been shooting things in the distance, very rarely do I have the camera on manual focus so I was frustrated.  They were quite intimidating face on but I thought I’d motion to take a photo (not just snap away this time!) but the traffic light changed and off they went, I took the photo hoping that at least something would come out, and well with the HDR look everything comes out rather soft anyway so it bridges a little of the focus gap and in the end i’m very happy with it, it has a dreamy quality to it I think.  I just wish that car wasn’t in the bottom right corner.


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