April 13, 2011

What next..

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Another over the top street scene.. what else

Newtown Cafe

I did this while having a long chat with someone about completely unrelated things and having a drink, i’ve found chatting to someone whilst processing photo’s can actually strike a really good balance in concentration for some reason, i’ve processed so many photo’s now that a lot of it is second nature which can be boring to do, anyway we chatted for a good 2 hours, I showed her the photo at the start (after some basic initial tone mapping) and then again after the 2 hours, she said she couldn’t even tell the difference which really reveals a lot, I switched between the before and after and it became apparent but I often think about my and other photo’s I see around even on billboards or shop fronts where I know someone spent hours processing it to which maybe 90% of people wouldn’t even notice most of the finer details.

I was fortunate enough to do a lighting course with a professional retoucher about a year ago, he brought in before and after photo’s of models used all over town and it was amazing, in some he had completely changed body parts around (in one shot he had taken another girls cleavage after the marketing company wanted “something different”), in fact he mentioned a very famous sports star here in Australia that they did numerous advertising campaigns with that would ask for enhanced muscles each time before he would give the sign off, the funny thing is i’ve read at least twice in interviews with said sports star that upon the interviewer first meeting with them they were surprised at how small he really is.  Anyway the retoucher spent at least 8 hours per image… often double as it would do the rounds with additional retouching requested.


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