April 28, 2011

Gate to the garden

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Been a while, i’ve done a lot in the meantime, taken a lot of photos, mostly holiday snaps but something will come of them at sometime, of course with a new 8 gig means that that sometime really does mean some time if you get me, and with lots of photos already waiting to be processed it begs the question, when will it get done, i’m feeling priority is subjective and frustrating.

So I thought i’d processes a couple more of Hunter Valley Gardens, no doubt they deserve it.  so here are a select few, theses were done at various times, the last 2 were done tonight, the first about 2 weeks ago, but I figure they come together with the subject and all.

Hunter Valley Garden Entrance

Hunter Valley Garden Peek

Hunter Valley Garden

Yes they all have different processing, interesting actually now that I see them together, each one was processed for a different reason even though the last 2 were done one after the other I was well aware I was making them look quite different as this included several different passes with different filters.

I still don’t know what to make of this HDR look, I like it, there’s nothing else to say, and the annoying thing is I often like it more than a straight photo which I also feel I shouldn’t..  It just often adds an atmosphere, sure it makes a mess of the whole scene with softness and smudgeyness, noise and the natural direction of light but it’s like you can judge it on a totally different level.  I printed some of these HDR shots out and they actually look great, I can see getting some big versions of these even.

Oh and i’ve almost decided on picking up a cheap 5dmkii in a few months, id really like to see what a new 5dmkiii would bring to the game, and if there’s any significant advancement i’ll grab it, otherwise pick up a cheap 2nd hand 5dmkii since it’s no slouch in the IQ department, it’s funny that I was seriously considering the Leica M9 with lenses easily at $3,000 but now with the Canon I catch myself getting annoyed at L lenses expense, I think i’ll end up getting a general purpose L zoom, I wish they’d bring out a new 24 – 70mm f2.8 and then stack up on primes, the problem being the L series are not only expensive but they are relatively huge.


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