May 3, 2011

Two more from Hunter Valley

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Ok so i’m Hunter Valley heavy on this blog but I have other people waiting on the photos, well, 1 other person.  And try as I might i can’t stand to only do a half ass job, I keep telling myself I don’t need to spend so long on each photo but I both enjoy it and hate it, it makes me look at my huge pile of photos and just want to start again, clear the slate.  But then I come across some of my favourites from the day I was shooting and I realise how much it’s worth it..  I waited to get through a few photos before processing these because I thought if  I did them straight away I might never do any others, it’s sort of like a reward system.. i’m officially a photo nerd now aren’t I.

Hunter Valley Gardens

I think the above shot just sums the whole place up, at first I was annoyed at the people walking in the shot, I had been waiting for a whole group of elderly to pass by that were taking their sweet time but soon I realised that it’s perfect having them there, the human element at the start/end of the path.

Bridge and Waterfall

A personal fav of mine from the trip, love the reflection which to me looks strikingly like a bridge in front of a waterfall, which of course would be impossible given the angle it’s taken from..


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