May 7, 2011

Sharpening resizings

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I’m tired of editing a photo for hours, getting happy with it and then upon resizing it seeing everything change.  I suppose I should have done something about it a long time ago but I guess i’ve gotten used to my workflow and didn’t want to add onto the already long process.  Well I read up on it and yes, it appears it is necessary, with the loss of data from resizing, the program is guessing at what to take out and of course some detail goes with it.  Bit annoying, but can be fixed pretty well with an extra sharpening after resizing, still doesn’t quite look the same as the original but it’s better.

Hunter Valley Winery

Hunter Valley

I’ve been watching The Genius of Photography, which is a 6 part series on nothing but photography, it basically goes through the history of it and how it has evolved.  I have 1 last episode to watch, the last episode I watched focused a lot on street photography which was very interesting and I noticed that nearly all the photographers shown on it used rangefinders.  This is very interesting to me because i’m planning on a FF camera purchase in a few months, ideally i’d want the M9, but the cost is ridiculous, I can afford it however..  I know that’s what I would love to shoot with but it’s very hard to part with about $12,000 for a digital camera and a couple of lenses.  But who can beat Leica lenses..  I wouldn’t mind a Canon but I want to wait for the 5d mkiii which should be out within the next 1.5 years..


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