May 14, 2011

An Example

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So a friend of mine just bought the same camera as me, well almost, the E-P1.  I was surprised but now lucky them, they can use my lenses too, handy if you live together… But it’s all fun.  So then they wanted to know about processing the photo’s, now luckily she is familiar with photoshop as she is completing a fashion degree, but familiar in a much different way.  So we sat down and went over it, it went pretty well because she had used some of the things before just not in the same way, and also just the fact I didn’t have to start from square 1.  I used a jpeg of hers she wanted to do, I exclaimed that we needed a RAW file, after about 15 mins of explaining  why the blown out sky couldn’t get better without the RAW I decided to push hers aside and find any old photo of mine lying around.

Literally just clicked on a random folder, random RAW file and then set about explaining the RAW editor and different processes.  Did this did that went to other photo’s and back but now at the end of the day as i’m shutting down i’m asked “Do you want to close without saving?” so I click cancel and actually look at what i’ve done to the file.  It’s strange, it doesn’t really follow any of my normal workflow yet I liked it.  I think it’s taught me to accept things as they are sometimes because I know if I had actually sat down to process this myself I would have spent a good 2 hours and probably ended up with something not much better if not worse.  The strange thing is I haven’t sharpened this at all, I haven’t done a million things, but i’m happy with it.  For now.

Sydney Life

This is from a folder labelled 23/10/10, which doesn’t mean to say it was taken then, this is when I took it off the SD card, which having more than 1 can sometimes be upwards of a months time.  Either way I wish the weather was like this now, what an early winter we are getting!


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