July 30, 2011


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So not happy with yesterdays photo anymore, it’s too processed, I used for the first time a filter that smoothed out all of the contrast, so that there were no extremes and it’s too apparent in the horse.  It would be an easy fix but my workflow is such that I can’t devote another hour to the same photo, it’s not a favourite so it doesn’t get extra treatment.  Instead I took a photo I liked of the horses and processed it.  I read a book on street photography today which mentioned my exact dilemma, that is spending too much processing, meaning 99% of what I take is never seen again, and there’s plenty of photo’s there i’d love to have the time and patience to go through but I can’t.

Well it kinda worked, but still much too slow to get through any a larger number of photos, maybe from 1 to 2 each session?


Edit: Another one.

Horse Face





July 29, 2011

And now for a horse..

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So yes I do like street photography but not only street, also, I like good street photography and i’d be lucky if i’d personally deem 1 in 100 of my own images actually good, this is a sort of testing ground, for what I don’t know..

Anyway, turns out I ran out of hard disk space, turns out my photos take up 75% of the space on this thing, little bit annoyed because I haven’t even really gone through most of the stuff on here.  I routinely ship the older stuff across to a portable hard disk so I must have… a terabyte worth now?  Not huge really but still that’s about 2 years worth, and the last 6 months has been much more leisurely, shooting if i’m in the situation, shooting different stuff that takes my fancy.

And so a horse.  I had a peek through some recent stuff and wondered if I could turn this into a black and white photo, there were better photos to choose (of horses even..) but this was almost a challenge, the photo looks boring in colour to me, so I wondered if black and white would bring something out.


Been a while since i’ve done black and white, saw some nice stuff earlier in the day which brought me back.

July 22, 2011

Vanuatu Sunset

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Another Vanuatu shot, view from the balcony of the hotel, each night I got a different sunset, they all looked different and great, unfortunately my favourite below I shot for some strange reason through the window, I believe this was the first night also.

Vanuatu Sunset

Exciting news though is my 12mm f2 Oly prime has arrived!  Straight away you can tell it’s a quality lens, all metal and the perfect size in my eyes, it’s made my E-P2 feel like a very competent camera, complimenting it’s metal feel.  The only strange thing is I believe it’s possible to focus past infinity for some reason, now granted it’s night here and i’m shooting inside at f2, the distance scale (oh yes it has one!) even lets you move past infinity a bit, when zoomed in focusing I notice it does go from focused to blurry which I don’t understand, but i’ll try in the day time and stopped down a bit.

I can tell already even through the EVF that the pictures are very high quality.  I really hope the 45mm f1.8 feels similar, i’d pay $300 more on any lens to get this quality feeling! (granted I have a bit extra to spend right now after foregoing a FF purchase).

July 20, 2011


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So it’s been a while, processing seems to come naturally in cycles, for weeks on end I can’t make myself spend the time to do it.  This is actually for my girlfriends work competition for vacation shots, she entered me before telling me, I had to submit 3 photos and of course waited until the very last minute to do them, she told me a week ago and they’re due tomorrow at her work (it’s midnight here now).  This is the only one i’m truly happy with, I really don’t like working to someone else’s rules, even one so open to interpretation as this, I really just like doing what I feel like.  This shot was from a moving van, coming back from riding horses in Vanuatu, surprisingly looking over all my photos i’ve taken many directly into the sun and i’m not unhappy with the results since M43 is often criticised for lack of DR and handling these situations.

Vanuatu Soccer

I’ve ordered many new lenses since i’ve given up on owning the M9 now (I had the money there and went in to try it, surprisingly I didn’t like it nearly as much as I thought I would).  With all the new primes coming out in M43 there’s a ton of exciting opportunities, by the end of it I should have the 12mm f2, 20mm f1.7, 25mm f1.4, 45mm f1.8 not including the legacy primes I have.  I also started looking at a lot of Lomo work, breifly flirted with getting the L-CA until realising it’s actually really expensive ?? so perhaps instead i’ll pick up the m43 fisheye prime too… we’ll see.

July 4, 2011

Bondi Ink

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Bondi Ink

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