July 22, 2011

Vanuatu Sunset

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Another Vanuatu shot, view from the balcony of the hotel, each night I got a different sunset, they all looked different and great, unfortunately my favourite below I shot for some strange reason through the window, I believe this was the first night also.

Vanuatu Sunset

Exciting news though is my 12mm f2 Oly prime has arrived!  Straight away you can tell it’s a quality lens, all metal and the perfect size in my eyes, it’s made my E-P2 feel like a very competent camera, complimenting it’s metal feel.  The only strange thing is I believe it’s possible to focus past infinity for some reason, now granted it’s night here and i’m shooting inside at f2, the distance scale (oh yes it has one!) even lets you move past infinity a bit, when zoomed in focusing I notice it does go from focused to blurry which I don’t understand, but i’ll try in the day time and stopped down a bit.

I can tell already even through the EVF that the pictures are very high quality.  I really hope the 45mm f1.8 feels similar, i’d pay $300 more on any lens to get this quality feeling! (granted I have a bit extra to spend right now after foregoing a FF purchase).


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