August 29, 2011

Outside my window

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I remember seeing a few competitions where people would post a picture of what is outside their window.  Well this is outside mine, well on the balcony which has windows looking onto it and outward.



Night of Redfern



Not is a processing mood, tried to go over some photos for a holiday I went on but couldn’t even be bothered to do anything more than what was showing in the jpeg that came along with the RAW, right now I really don’t feel like spending 2 hours or even 1 hour per photo.  These  I did though because they were the first of the 12mm “landscape” I was interested in, and so I could upload something to facebook…


August 26, 2011

Smoking Man

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I got off the train to meet my gf in Bankstown of all places, she txts me to say she’ll be 5 mins so I slip out my EP-2, my only camera, and have a look around, at this time I had had the new 12mm for about 1 day so of course this was slapped on.  I look around, and can’t see much of anything worth taking and then bam, this guy sitting there, in the perfect pose, with the hat on, with the cigarette right in front of his lips and his legs crossed, staring into infinity.  It’d been a while since i’d done any real street shooting and the fear was within me a bit.  I couldn’t not take a photo of this though, so I walked up fairly close and pretended to look around at the cars driving by and snapped a couple,  Iwalked away and chimped them (reviewed them) I wasn’t entirely happy with the exposure so I bumped the EV up a stop, walked back and took a couple more.

Funny thing is, he didn’t move at all, there was a good minute where all of this was happening, probably more, and in all 4 of my shots he looks exactly the same, not exactly the decisive moment though you could be forgiven for thinking so.  Anyway, one thing i’m loving about the 12mm is the ability to crop, I took this from my hip, yes I was to scared to kneel and squeeze, well actually I thought it’d be too obvious, and of course accordingly it was crooked, but being so wide (24mm equiv) I can afford to straighten and crop the image.

Smoking Man

August 22, 2011


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Got a few of this scene, after a while the water got really calm and made a perfect reflection, which meant I had to re take every photo at the time but before I could get through all of them again with the perfect water it got choppy again.  I have a much better landscape version of this but the water had already started getting rough.  I also need to get my screen recalibrated, it’s getting increasingly hard to judge saturation, i’ll be very interested by this one at work.


August 20, 2011


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An experiment…


August 19, 2011

Mother and Son

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Hmm my workflow has been turned on it’s head, don’t feel like anything is coming out right just now and I don’t have the patience to sit down with it for so many hours, so instead i’ll try and let the content of the photo be good enough.

Mother and Son

August 17, 2011


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You can actually see these in the background of the shot below, at this time I didn’t have the 12mm lens which would have help capture the total scene instead of just focusing on the boats as seen here.


August 16, 2011


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Some beach life, I spent next to no time on PPing this, there was nothing I could really do, it’s just showing a moment in time.  After looking through some of these photo books (bought another one) i’ve got a hankering to just get some images out there rather than spend 3 hours on each one.



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So I think my last post turned me off even, really didn’t get the hang of what I was trying to do, the worst part was seeing it on my work computer screens, nothing like what I was going for.  So while I naturally figure that out i’ll try and stick with a bit what I know.  And what better way to do that than do no PP work at all in the follow image.  This is straight out of the camera, this is on the grainy b+w filter in camera, I set it to under-expose by a stop and got a kind of cool effect.

That filter actually seems to worth its while, the rest of them are alright, they have their place but the Grainy Black and White I use all the time, it’s great to even just work out how contrasts work together, i’ll often then take the RAW which is a normal colour photo and convert back into a black and white but make it closer to what I was looking for.


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