August 8, 2011

Experimenting with PP + new bag! :D

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Waiting and waiting on these new lenses, got the 12mm a couple of weeks ago and heard news the 25mm was being shipped worldwide but turns out seems to only be to Japan, really looking forward to it and going on holiday in 20 odd days overseas, would love to take it along.  In the meantime I got my Billingham Hadley Pro camera bag and I honestly can’t say enough about it, it’s the only time in my life i’ve been so excited about a bag but it’s worth it, it has everything a bag could need, including complete and utter weather proofing, you can pour a bottle of water over it with no effect.  The best part is you can take out the camera padding in one easy go (while everything’s inside) and use it as a regular bag too.  It’s expensive though, I got mine relatively cheap and that came in at about $220.

Anyway, a shot I took back in summertime before going to my Japanese class.  Trying out a few techniques in PP which aren’t getting me the exact results i’m after just yet.


Ok i’ll add this one in, it was pure experimenting and I quite like it in a weird way.

Hyde Park


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