September 2, 2011


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At a Bondi Pharmacy a customer waits for their order to be served.


I finally got my Canonet GIII ql17 rangefinder back from being serviced, I bought it off e-bay for quite a bit because it came with the original flash and a set of coloured filters and promised to work.  As someone who often believes you get what you pay for, e-bay is tricky.  I have bought 3 film cameras off it and they all have had problems, firstly I bought a Yashica Electro GSN which worked for literally 25 seconds until the focus became fully rigid, thankfully the seller took it back and apologised.  Next it was my Yashica 124G which has been the best, thankfully, it had a few hickups as the light meter doesn’t really work which was promised but reading up on these they rarely do and are poor at giving correct exposure anyway.  Finally got this little beauty, the Canon Canonet rangefinder from someone in the US, of course they said it worked perfectly, I paid roughly 3 times the normal price and it didn’t work one bit.. but it’s too expensive to send back and the flash and filters were nice.  So I took it in to be serviced – $245, remembering the dollar is higher than the US right now and the whole thing cost me $215 including postage.  But I figure it’ll be nice to get a fully working beast like this, and it’s a delight to use, i’ve squeezed off about 12 frames so far, all completely underexposed i’m sure and blurry as I try to come to terms with it.  I’ve bought a range of films and can’t wait to experiment, I think I might quite like film, and 35mm is fairly cheap and easy to get processed too.  I’ve already read quite a bit on pushing and pulling the film which seems to render some very nice results.

Here goes nothing.


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