September 24, 2011


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Got back from Thailand last week where I was truly amazed by the photo opportunities over there, and people are so friendly and generally like having their photo taken.  Sydney street life seems bare in comparison, in Phuket and Bangkok I refused to be without my camera at any moment and had to literally purchase new batteries whilst there to be able to achieve this.  Walking out the door you were greeted by many street vendors doing various tasks, it was dream like for street photos.  I even bought a tripod there to take advantage of some night street work with it, something new that I haven’t tried and worked really well, I managed to get some great shots at night though i’d loved to have more practise at this and it works best with the street packed full of people that no one seems to pay attention.

Lets just say it was amazing, I seriously would advise anyone in the vicinity of Thailand who is looking for somewhere to enjoy a great holiday and get some street stuff done to go there.  I went to Vanuatu a few months back which was almost polar opposite with looks of suspicion (same here in Sydney), whereas point the camera at someone in Thailand an they either didn’t notice or beamed a smile or the peace sign, very relaxing attitude.

Well after all that, this is from Sydney, it’s going to take me a while to look through the 36 gig I took..


Edit: Here’s another photo, taken in Australia.




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