October 29, 2011


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Have been hard at it on the drums, it’s glorious to get a full acoustic kick ass kit, just shaking off 8 months of not playing.

Meanwhile i’ve been shooting almost exclusively on film, got some great shots today with my medium format camera on the farm only to realise later that what was sold to me as colour film is actually black and white, not happy about that because I spent the entire morning trying to focus on how the warm sun was wrapping around the landscape and over the animals, so we’ll see.  I had sun streaming through vibrant pink blossoms that were infested with about 4000 bees since there’s a running beehive on the farm… I doubt it’ll look anything like what I was hoping in black and white.

Had a first look at my Thailand photos, so many, I simply won’t be able to PP everything I want to, I think i’m going to do just very basic adjustments as a compromise.  Anyway I did one.



October 23, 2011

Vanuatu revisted

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So i’m camped down in Wellington NZ now, been out a bit and taken some random street shots here and there but been busy too.


October 2, 2011

Last Post Before Moving Country

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So i’m moving back to NZ for a few months, taking a break, was in my last job for over 3 years, last 18 months i’ve hated the shit out of it.  Planned on heading to Japan for a change up but the earthquakes sort of meant it was off the cards for a short while (I was due to go in March) so I stuck with the job… oh the job… been in that “industry” (finance) for the past 6/7 years for no reason other than someone offered me a role after uni and I snapped it up being a fresh face with no experience.  It’s taken 6 years to fully realise I have no future in it, even though I got a decent promotion looking after the team and looked on track to go somewhere if I kept my head up, it was like holding a pent up spring in the palm of my hand for as long as possible, I don’t want to wake up 20 years from now thinking yay I held that spring for ages, now how are the things I actually care about?  Spending 8 hours a day mastering stupid systems and knowing every little thing about nothing I will ever use in my actual life (and which gets phased out every 18 months anyway) is not just an exercise in futility but also some kind of fucking nightmare.  I feel bad because I know how easy that money was compared to a lot of jobs that many people have little choice over but the way I see it is, I wasted so much of that money, because I wasn’t satisfied, I bought clothes I never wore, recently I bought 6 pairs of shoes…  computer games that lie there still wrapped up, it’s not doing anyone any favours me being in that job, maybe now that i’m out it’ll open up a spot for someone who appreciates it.  I don’t know why the fact I have a degree or experience in that kind of thing is necessary, sit anyone down for a week and they’ll understand “you know how to use a calculator?”  (ok and maybe excel..) it’s primary school maths and common sense (though I have to admit to being stunned at some people that just don’t get it, but anyone with motivation..).  It actually taught me some valuable lessons, so i’m grateful in lots of ways, and now i’m happy, assuming I don’t run out of money.

So now I have 5 months of living back in NZ, catching up with friends who have met and even become engaged to their girlfriends i’ve never met, doing a few things I want, studying music mainly, working off the last 6 months of a highly indulgent lifestyle and of course, taking photos.

Asian Mum and Daughter

September 26, 2011


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Only 1 week left of me living in Sydney, it’s a little unreal to imagine right now, many things i’ll miss but it’s all for the best hopefully.

September 24, 2011


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Got back from Thailand last week where I was truly amazed by the photo opportunities over there, and people are so friendly and generally like having their photo taken.  Sydney street life seems bare in comparison, in Phuket and Bangkok I refused to be without my camera at any moment and had to literally purchase new batteries whilst there to be able to achieve this.  Walking out the door you were greeted by many street vendors doing various tasks, it was dream like for street photos.  I even bought a tripod there to take advantage of some night street work with it, something new that I haven’t tried and worked really well, I managed to get some great shots at night though i’d loved to have more practise at this and it works best with the street packed full of people that no one seems to pay attention.

Lets just say it was amazing, I seriously would advise anyone in the vicinity of Thailand who is looking for somewhere to enjoy a great holiday and get some street stuff done to go there.  I went to Vanuatu a few months back which was almost polar opposite with looks of suspicion (same here in Sydney), whereas point the camera at someone in Thailand an they either didn’t notice or beamed a smile or the peace sign, very relaxing attitude.

Well after all that, this is from Sydney, it’s going to take me a while to look through the 36 gig I took..


Edit: Here’s another photo, taken in Australia.



September 2, 2011


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At a Bondi Pharmacy a customer waits for their order to be served.


I finally got my Canonet GIII ql17 rangefinder back from being serviced, I bought it off e-bay for quite a bit because it came with the original flash and a set of coloured filters and promised to work.  As someone who often believes you get what you pay for, e-bay is tricky.  I have bought 3 film cameras off it and they all have had problems, firstly I bought a Yashica Electro GSN which worked for literally 25 seconds until the focus became fully rigid, thankfully the seller took it back and apologised.  Next it was my Yashica 124G which has been the best, thankfully, it had a few hickups as the light meter doesn’t really work which was promised but reading up on these they rarely do and are poor at giving correct exposure anyway.  Finally got this little beauty, the Canon Canonet rangefinder from someone in the US, of course they said it worked perfectly, I paid roughly 3 times the normal price and it didn’t work one bit.. but it’s too expensive to send back and the flash and filters were nice.  So I took it in to be serviced – $245, remembering the dollar is higher than the US right now and the whole thing cost me $215 including postage.  But I figure it’ll be nice to get a fully working beast like this, and it’s a delight to use, i’ve squeezed off about 12 frames so far, all completely underexposed i’m sure and blurry as I try to come to terms with it.  I’ve bought a range of films and can’t wait to experiment, I think I might quite like film, and 35mm is fairly cheap and easy to get processed too.  I’ve already read quite a bit on pushing and pulling the film which seems to render some very nice results.

Here goes nothing.

August 29, 2011

Outside my window

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I remember seeing a few competitions where people would post a picture of what is outside their window.  Well this is outside mine, well on the balcony which has windows looking onto it and outward.



Night of Redfern



Not is a processing mood, tried to go over some photos for a holiday I went on but couldn’t even be bothered to do anything more than what was showing in the jpeg that came along with the RAW, right now I really don’t feel like spending 2 hours or even 1 hour per photo.  These  I did though because they were the first of the 12mm “landscape” I was interested in, and so I could upload something to facebook…

August 26, 2011

Smoking Man

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I got off the train to meet my gf in Bankstown of all places, she txts me to say she’ll be 5 mins so I slip out my EP-2, my only camera, and have a look around, at this time I had had the new 12mm for about 1 day so of course this was slapped on.  I look around, and can’t see much of anything worth taking and then bam, this guy sitting there, in the perfect pose, with the hat on, with the cigarette right in front of his lips and his legs crossed, staring into infinity.  It’d been a while since i’d done any real street shooting and the fear was within me a bit.  I couldn’t not take a photo of this though, so I walked up fairly close and pretended to look around at the cars driving by and snapped a couple,  Iwalked away and chimped them (reviewed them) I wasn’t entirely happy with the exposure so I bumped the EV up a stop, walked back and took a couple more.

Funny thing is, he didn’t move at all, there was a good minute where all of this was happening, probably more, and in all 4 of my shots he looks exactly the same, not exactly the decisive moment though you could be forgiven for thinking so.  Anyway, one thing i’m loving about the 12mm is the ability to crop, I took this from my hip, yes I was to scared to kneel and squeeze, well actually I thought it’d be too obvious, and of course accordingly it was crooked, but being so wide (24mm equiv) I can afford to straighten and crop the image.

Smoking Man

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